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If you’ve ever had to live with a sex drive that’s missing in action, erection that couldn’t measure up, penetration that wouldn’t stay the course or a serious lack of confidence abut your sexual prowess then you know why I’m here telling you about Vigopower. Believe me, this product will change your sex life for the better.

What is Vigopower ?

  • VigoPower is a result of a long period of study of botanicals and herbs. VigoPower contains the most potent extracts of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) and Butea Superba. Further reinforcing the already all-powerful formulation is the extracts of Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Fruit, and Smilax Myosotiflora (Ubi Jaga).
  • VigoPower does not claim to cure and or treat sexual problems but based on user testimonials, VigoPower has helped many suffering individuals overcome their libido and sexual problems without the need to resort to prescription erectile dysfunction drugs or worse the consumption of illegal generic erectile dysfunction drugs.
  • VigoPower works by BOOSTING testosterone levels, The “water soluble” Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali extract can boost testosterone levels by up to 400% .
  • VigoPower contains the highest grade herbal extracts which has been extracted by modern herb extraction processes to further enhance and boost the efficacy and potency of traditional Eastern male aphrodisiacs.
  • VigoPower is proven to restore male vigor as well as give instant sexual desire, libido and sexual energy for men!

How Vigopower Works ?

Once you take Vigopower capsule, it starts to work quickly to increase blood flow by aiding dilation of blood vessels and production of nitric oxide; together these vital actions allow full engorgement of the corpus cavernosum; your penis becomes fully erect thanks to sufficient blood flow, which also ensures that the blood remains in place, keeping your erection strong and lasting.

Why Choose Vigopower ?

  • VigoPower gives you realiable solid firm erections that give you better sexual desire or libido at the same time heightens the levels of sexual arousal and intense sexual sensations, bringing you to longer lasting orgasms that you can depend on!

  • Promotes genital blood flow and gives you that “ALL READY” to go feeling as well as the ROCK HARD feeling!

  • Immediate increase in Penis Size and Girth with enhancement of up to 1 inch!

  • No need to worry about premature ejaculation allowing you to enjoy simultaneous orgasm with your partner!

  • Longer lasting rock hard erections means DEEPER PENETRATION and TANTRIC levels of sexual thrills.

  • Reduce Recovery Time between ejaculations – ALWAYS ON and READY to reload and react quickly, again and again!

Vigopower Ingredients


Eurycoma Longofolia Extract

The Ultimate Male Sex herb traditionally consumed in Malaysia, Indonesia. The KING of male aphrodisiacs. Improves Blood flow, sexual energy, desire and sexual performance. Increases testosterone levels by up to 400% naturally.

Butea Superba

Improves blood flow via the vasolidation of blood. Butea also increases sexual energy and sexual performance and scientific research has been conducted to investigate its efficacy. Butea is proven to increase blood flow without affecting or over stimulating the nervous, muscular or cardiac systems.

Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Epimedium Sagittatum Extract. A Chinese herb often referred to as a “Yang tonic”. This herb produces a warm, almost euphoric effect on the body. Epimedium is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and aids in relieving sexual dysfunction.

Rhizome Smilax

This herb is also known as Ubi Jaga or Ubi Besi and is traditionally believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Traditionally, Ubi Jaga is used to treat syphilis.

Tribulus Fruit Extract

A natural testosterone enhancer, Tribulus can improve desire and performance and increase sexual energy. Tribulus is also an excellent circulatory and heart tonic and can help dilate arteries. In India it is used as a tonic for the urinary system.

The Fact

Many us of are familiar with how time consuming, frustrating and expensive it can be to find an ED drug that works effectively, with limited unpleasant side effects – and one keeps working after a few weeks.

If you don’t want to go through the trial and error of finding an expensive prescription drug, possibly dealing with unpleasant side effects along the way – then Vigopower is your answer. It’s safe, natural, a real value for money, 100% guaranteed and… Best of all, it works and keeps working.

Vigopower is for men who want their erections to be strong and hard again; men who want to rediscover a satisfying sex life; men who want to solve problems like premature ejaculation, low sex drive or poor sexual stamina. Vigopower is for men who are disappointed in their current enhancement product or tired of the side effects. Vigopower is for men not afraid to try something new.

Vigopower User review

” I am 52 years old and can only say thank you. Since I have been on VigoPower, my awareness has increased. I don’t feel tired as easy as I used to and my sexual desire has also been boosted. I now feel secure!”

Key Tay (UK)

” VigoPower is definitely a good source of energy. My daily sessions in the gym are more fruitful since I started on VigoPower. I will definitely endorse this product.”

Richard (USA)

” I heard a about VigoPower from a friend and decided to give it to my husband. He just can’t seem to have sex more than once and he is only 37 years old. With VigoPower, he is making love to me up to 4 times a night. I am not complaining.Thank you – VigoPower.”

Jenny (Singapore)

“I have used VigoPower for 1 month now and thank you. I now, simply last longer.I now can extend till an average of 20 minutes before reaching orgasms. Thanks…”

Kevin (UK)

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Vigopower FAQ

How does Vigopower work ?

The Vigopower Daily formula is infused with a variety of all natural herbal ingredients which assist in increasing your overall sexual power and stamina. It helps enlarge and strengthen your penis allowing it to hold more and more blood over time, resulting in larger and much more solid erections.

How long should I take Vigopower?

We recommend taking the pills for a minimum of 3 months for maximum effectiveness. Some men see impressive results within a few days. Others take a bit longer. The time it takes to see results depend on your body type, eating habits, overall health, genetics, and other factors. Regardless of your current condition, we guarantee you’ll experience the results, or your money back.

Are there any side effects?

While there are no known side effects, it is recommended that you follow the dosage instructions and never take more than the recommended amount. If you have a medical condition you should first consult your doctor before taking the Vigopower.

Are the results permanent?

Because Vigopower is an ingestible supplement, the results you see are permanent as long as you continue to take the recommended dosage. Once desired results are achieved, scale back dosage to a maintenance amount of 2 to 3 times a week.

How many tablets should I take each day?

Take 1 tablet per day and find the best time that works for you. With or without food is fine as well. However if you take Vigopower an hour before intercourse you will notice increased stamina and harder erections.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is USD 8.50 to anywhere in the world.
Express delivery is USD 25.00 to most country in the world.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped within 2 and 5 work days.
Standard shipments will reach most destinations within 7 to 21working days after shipping.
Express shipments will reach most destinations within 7 to 10 working days after shipping.

How do I track my orders shipping status?

Once your Vigopower order shipped out, our system will email you an notification with the shipping reference working day.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped discretely in plain brown envelope with no indication of the packages contents.

I encountered issue with my payment?

Please use our contact form to get in touch with Vigopower support team for assistance.

Vigopower Contact


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